Good Hart's World Famous Pot Pies Direct From The 49737

We’ve been making our famous pot pies since 1986 and year after year, our pies grow in popularity around the country.

Chicken pot pies feature our creamy combination of all white meat chicken, carrots, peas and our own yummy gravy are prepared fresh and immediately frozen.  Our delicious beef pot pies are comparably tasty and are made with carrots, potatoes, sweet onion and of course plenty of prime chuck roast.

Pot pies can be purchased year round at our front counter, delivered locally, and shipped from sea to shining sea throughout the United States of America! 

Details and Pricing

Large Chicken or Beef Pie (approximately 40 oz.)
(Serves 2-3)

Small Chicken or Beef Pie (approximately 16 oz.)
(Serves 1)

Choose from any of the common combinations below.  Each ships conveniently in one of our insulated shipping containers.  Making multiple selections below will result in multiple packaging and shipping fees.

Shipped From Sea to Shining Sea

Pies ship throughout the U.S. via insulated containers and UPS.  Containers hold a variety of pie combinations detailed below.  Be sure to keep pies frozen until baking.  Instructions are provided on each label.

Pies ship Monday-Wednesday via UPS.  Shipping charges are actual + $17 per insulated container.  Choose from any combination below.

Top 10 Reasons To Order Good Hart Pot Pies Today

10. Because you can share them with friends and family.
9. Because we love our UPS driver.
8. Because our pies are good for the soul, and the “hart”.
7. Because Good Hart pot pies make fabulous gifts for the special people in your life.
6. Because everyone knows that pie crust made with lard is super healthy.
5. Because everybody loves getting a package.
4. Because Good Hart is awesome and you love us!
3. Because they make great last minute meals paired with a salad or vegetable.
2. Because of those cute little hearts cut in the middle of each one.
1. Because Good Hart’s pot pies are the best in the world!

Order Ahead for Hot Pies On Arrival in Good Hart

Hot pot pies are available Friday-Sunday during fall color season.  Call ahead any time of the year, and we'll throw pies in the oven and have them hot on your arrival.