1 Farmhouse White + 1 Sunflower Seed Breakfast Loaf$22.00

Item Number: GHSGE0012

We're thrilled to have Dave's Artisan Breads available for shipping througbout the U.S.  Breads are all baked fresh and shipped immediately Monday - Wednesday.  Orders placed Wednesday - Sunday will ship Monday. 

Dave's farmhouse white offers a true artisan loaf perfect for dipping, crusty toast, or a fabulous panini.  This European classic is made with the simple ingredients of flour, salt, yeast and water.  Traditional crispy artisan crust. 

Dave's artisan sunflower seed breakfast loaf offers a wonderful egg bread made with fresh local eggs, local honey and plenty of hearty sunflower seeds throughout.  Enjoy a mildly sweet breakfast bread perfect for tasting or sandwiches throughout the day.  Soft crust and easy to slice. 

No preservatives, kneeded and shaped by hand.  Baked to order.

This item/order includes one herb & cheese loaf and one sunflower seed breakfast loaf, shipped together.