1 Farmhouse White + 1 Maple Oat Loaf$22.00

Item Number: GHSGE0013

We're thrilled to have Dave's Artisan Breads available for shipping througbout the U.S.  Breads are all baked fresh and shipped immediately Monday - Wednesday.  Orders placed Wednesday - Sunday will ship Monday. 

Dave's farmhouse white offers a true artisan loaf perfect for dipping, crusty toast, or a fabulous panini.  This European classic is made with the simple ingredients of flour, salt, yeast and water.  Traditional crispy artisan crust. 

Dave's maple oat offers a delightful sandwich bread sweetened with local pure maple syrup - a healthy alternative made with wheat bran, old fashioned oats, and whole wheat flour.  Soft crust and easy to slice. 

No preservatives, kneeded and shaped by hand.  Baked to order.

This item/order includes one farmhouse white loaf and one maple oat loaf, shipped together.