Stay Home Surprise Gift Box$75.00

Item Number: GHSGB0006

The perfect selection of gifts and goods for anyone surviving a Stay Home order during these crazy times.  Sanitize your hands and pretty them up with our Tunnel of Trees Scented Lotion.  Zen out by coloring in our custom book.  Get a quick sugar high with our Made in Michigab Michi-Gummies.  Hunker down with a cup of your favorite warm beverage in our M-119 camp mug.  Write a note to friends and family you're missing.  Relax with a Michigan themed mini-puzzle.  And then sleep well knowing you have one additional roll of TP on hand.

Box includes:

  • One Roll Toilet Paper
  • Custom Good Hart Coloring Book
  • Crayola Crayons (24 Pack)
  • Michi-Gummies (Detroit)
  • M-119 Camp Mug
  • Made in Michigan Tunnel of Trees Scented Hand Lotion
  • Made in Michigan Mini Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Made in Michigan High Five Spirits Hand Sanitizer
  • Good Hart Note Cards (Pack of 10)

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