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Order the complete trio of top Michigan reads for 2019.  Order includes:

The Faygo Book
135 pages, soft cover.
From the brand's start on Detroit's East side, to the well known beverage company it's known to be today, Faygo is a Michigan brand recognized around the globe.  Brothers Perry and Ben Feigenson began the company in 1907 and while they didn't coin the term "pop", they certainly assured it stuck in the Motor City and beyond.  From big hits like the fave Red Pop, to literal product bombs such as a one time pineapple-orange soda made with an unpasteurized pineapple juice causing bottles to explode, the story of Faygo is one for every Michigander to experience. Cheers.

Beautiful Music
340 pages, soft cover.
Amongst the anger and fear and uncertainty in 1969 Detroit, this coming of age story is told via journal entries accompanied by a well known soundtrack.  Author Michael Zadoorian's third novel was loosely inspired by, of all things, a movie.  “It's not a super literary thing to say that your book was inspired a little bit by a movie, but I love Almost Famous — the Cameron Crowe film —  which is very much the same era as this book,” Zadoorian said in a Michigan Radio interview. A must-read for any Detroit native or any audophile in general, Beautiful Music tells the every day tale of Danny Yzemski, a Detroit youth navigating the times marked with family grief, a newly integrated world, and the aftermath of the 1967 riots.  Turn the page, and dive deep into Beautiful Music.

The Lake Michigan Mermaid: A Tale in Poems
64 pages, hardcover.
Michigan authors Anne-Marie Oomen and Linda Nemec Foster tell the story of Lyk - Lykretia, an only child living on the shores of Lake MIchigan during a time of uncertainly, pain, and instability.  The passion she has for her beloved Lake Michigan leads to a telepathic relationship with an unlikely companion, a mermaid. This modern day fairy tale is accompanied by remarkable illustrations by Meridith Ridl, artist and art teacher with a MFA from the University of Michigan.

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