Remembering Jessie

(My First Blog Post)

Greetings Good Harters!  My name is Maggie (first official photo of me below) and I’m excited to announce that I’m the new resident hound here in beautiful downtown Good Hart.  This is also my FIRST official blog post so pardon any typos or grammatical errors.  I’m just learning new and fancy writing techniques so I promise to improve as time goes by.  One day, I’ll be fancy like Jessie (looking extremely fancy above).

Speaking of Jessie, I thought I’d share with you her farewell message below.  Many of you knew Jessie The Hound well.  After all, she was the main lady around here for 8+ years and she’s missed by everyone.  I really hit the jackpot in getting adopted and moving here from Grand Rapids.  I look forward to meeting you all very soon and please stay tuned for more posts every week.  See you soon!

Farewell Jessie, and God Speed
It’s with heavy hearts on this crisp and clear night in downtown Good Hart, that we announce the passing of our beloved Jessie the Hound.  She will be terribly missed by all and was an integral part of our Good Hart family.

We’re grateful for the wonderful life Jessie had with us and for her short transition to eternity.  She showed initial signs of discomfort on Saturday evening and early tests today disclosed illness.  This evening she passed quietly in the warmth of our home and has begun her voyage to Heaven.  Jessie brought so much love to our family and business.  She was truly the best dog we could ever ask for and we owe endless gratitude to Deter and her team at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society for bringing Jessie into our lives as our first rescue.

Thank you so much to all of you who have visited Jessie and been a friend to her through the past decade.  She leaves us with wonderful, loving memories that we will cherish for a lifetime.  She was truly a wonderful dog and a best friend.

Should you wish to make a donation in Jessie’s name, we would very much love for you to consider doing so via LTBHS so that they may continue their mission of helping area pets find forever homes.

And should you wish to send a card or letter, please know that Jim would love to hear your memories as he’s now lost his best furry buddy and companion.  It’s s very sad night here in Good Hart, but we’re happy to have the support of friends like you.  Thank you all for being our customers throughout the years – and of course for being friends of Jessie The Hound.  Thank you, truly.

Little Traverse Bay Humane Society
1300 West Conway Road
Harbor Springs, Michigan 49740

Jessie Sutherland
c/o Jim and Carolyn Sutherland
PO Box 946
Good Hart, Michigan 49737

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