RIP Sweet Jessie

Good Hart General Store

Jessie The Hound - RIP
(d. March 2, 2015)

From Jessie: In August, 2008, the lady from the Good Hart General Store found me at the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society’s Howl at the Moon event.  We clicked right away and I followed her around all night long hoping to be adopted.


She and her husband Jim adopted me and the rest is history.  When I got to Good Hart I met Skilly - a lovable golden retriever (see below) who had been in at the store since 1996.  A sad time came soon after I arrived as Skilly lost her battle with cancer and went on to the rainbow bridge.

Before she left, Skilly taught me everything I needed to know about Good Hart.  I spent my winter days curled up in the Post Office - out of the cold and snow - and where the awesome UPS guy would give me treats every afternoon.  Then in the summer, I got to hang out with all the nice people that came to the picnic area.  I sure did have a great life in Good Hart!! 

After a long and wonderful life, God suddenly took me to be with Skilly and Mackinaw and the rest of the Good Hart dogs on March 2, 2015.  I felt bad leaving everyone so suddenly, but I have to admit that I’m happy to see they’ve already picked up another good looking HOUND!  Nice to know, I’ve left a legacy.  Welcome to Good Hart, Maggie (see below)!  I hope she loves Good Hart as much as I did and to all the visitors that come and go - enjoy your time in this beautiful part of the world!!  See you on the other side!

Love and Peace in Good Hart,

Jessie The Hound

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I had a great time at the humane society.  Everybody there was really nice.  But no matter how nice they were though - it was still great to be adopted.  Some of my friends are still there looking for their forever families. 

I hope you’ll click the image above and visit their website to see my friends available for adoption.  Thanks!!

This is the only picture of Skilly and I.

She was a great dog that everyone loved. 

She taught me everything I know. 
Skilly taught me to be the best golden

retriever that I can be. 

And THIS is RENIE. She’s no hound dog.  Renie’s another rescue dog who was adopted in August, 2011.  She’s named after Hurrican Irene and she’s super sweet, but a little goofy - just look at her!  Renie lived in the Bahamas (fancy)... she’s a Royal Bahamian Potcake (translate, island mut) and she was going to be euthanized before Hurrican Irene.  But instead, a bunch of US and Canadien humane societies got together and flew Renie and 87 other Potcakes to the US where they were adopted.  And here she is in Good Hart!  Renie asked me to say hello to you because she isn’t allowed to use the computer.  She isn’t even a US citizen that we know of.

R.I.P. - all the other favorite dogs of Good Hart like Mackinaw (Skilly’s brother), Buddy, Bo, Lamkin, Minnie,

Molly, Bingo, Cutty, Tooley, Duncan, Mugsy, Muffy, Montana, Molson, and Molly.

Introducing Maggie The Hound!  Maggie is the “new hound in town” and I’m confident that she’ll do a wonderful job representing Good Hart.  Boy she sure is skinny.  I remember being skinny like that when I arrived in Good Hart.  She’ll fatten up like everyone else around here soon enough.  Maggie is only a puppy and came from a foster home in Grand Rapids.  She’s been bounced around a bit in her short life and I’m pretty sure she’s gonna be super happy with her new life here in Good Hart.  She needs to learn how to type, however, so she can begin emailing the customers.  Be sure to say hi to Maggie on your next visit!